Our History

The State Bank of Wiley was founded in 1907. Frederick Esgar and David Esgar represent the third and fourth generations of Esgars that continue to serve the banking needs of the Arkansas Valley and the Front Range by offering the services of a modern financial institution while maintaining the integrity of a community bank where decisions are made locally.

In 2004, a Branch Charter was given to a new entity, Legacy Bank, located in Pueblo, Colorado. In 2005, Legacy Bank further expanded into the CaƱon City community. In January of 2007, Legacy Bank opened the Pueblo West Branch. In July, The State Bank of Wiley adopted the name Legacy Bank after it celebrated 100 years of service. In August of 2007, Legacy Bank began serving the Colorado Springs community after purchasing Cheyenne Mountain Bank.

In 2009, Legacy further expanded their service, welcoming new customers after the acquisition of Southern Colorado National Bank in Pueblo, Colorado. Two additional branches were opened in Lamar, Colorado. and the north side of Pueblo- University Park.